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When it comes to real estate, a lot is at stake, including everything from your credit score to your finances. Whether you hope to make a purchase or a sale, wish to transfer the title to a property, or face a land-use dispute, the best thing you can do for your peace of mind and bottom line is to hire a real estate attorney Janesville, WI. The Law Office of Bodlaw has an extensive background in real estate law and can confidently assist you with all aspects of your real estate transactions, ranging from drafting contracts to understanding inspection reports and more.

Our Real Estate Services

The Law Office of Bodlaw is the go-to real estate professional for residents of Janesville and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years of experience under his belt — many of which include time served on the Wisconsin Land Council and as a City Attorney for the City of Lake Geneva — Attorney  . Bodlaw is more than equipped to assist clients with a range of real estate-related legal issues. In addition to helping with simpler matters, such as buying, selling and contract review,  Bodlaw also counsels clients on more complex issues that involve zoning and estate planning.

From appraisal disputes to title transfers, and from funding to foreclosure,  Bodlaw and our team work diligently to protect the interests of our clients. Types of cases for which you can turn to our team for help are as follows:

  • Neighborly disputes
  • Appraisals
  • Selling, buying or owning a home
  • Understanding zoning laws
  • Foreclosure
  • Construction defects and disputes
  • Mortgage and equity loans
  • Land use and zoning disputes
  • Legal help and resources
  • Property taxes
  • Estate planning

Our team understands precisely what is at stake in real estate transactions, which is why we handle each matter with the diligence and care it deserves.

Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer Janesville, WI

Regardless of the type of legal issue you face, chances are it involves a lengthy contract, two determined parties and a substantial amount of money. For these reasons and then some, you should not attempt to resolve a real estate matter on your own. At the very least, consult with an experienced real estate attorney Janesville, WI, who fully understands the complexities of real estate and contractual law.

With the right team on your side, you can rest assured that you did not make a costly mistake at any point during the transaction. Moreover, you can have peace of mind that you have someone on your side who will fight to protect your interests in negotiations and, if necessary, in court, and pursue the best possible outcome.

Contact the Law Office of  . Bodlaw, SC

Whether you wish to transfer a title or deed, prepare documents to obtain a mortgage or strategize ways to fight a new zoning law, contact a team that has the experience and reputation to represent you with confidence and competence. Contact the Law Office of Bodlaw to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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