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Workplace injury is at high-risk in industries that deal and operate with heavy machinery, harsh chemicals and any other dangerous equipment. Compensation needs to happen immediately if an accident or disaster happens at the job site. If you need representation for a workers’ compensation case in Janesville, WI, then the attorneys at Daniel S. Draper, SC can help. Workers in the Janesville, WI area can count on our office to represent them. Workplace injuries can vary depending on the industry you work in, but in any case, our attorneys are available to represent if you’re battling for workers’ compensation.

Having a work injury lawyer on your side can make a huge impact, from being denied a claim to getting maximum reimbursement for your injuries. Workman’s comp claims can be rejected for a variety of reasons and trying to make a claim by yourself can be a very difficult task that requires a lot of time and effort. But having an attorney on your side will give you a better chance of being compensated. If you’ve tried dealing with insurance companies and aren’t getting the attention you deserve, then it’s time to call a professional attorney at Daniel S. Draper, SC.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

The typical scenario for workers’ compensation is that an employer carries it in the event of an accident to one of their employees. This is done in order to protect the business’ liability and to protect the person involved in the accident and their family’s financial stability. It’s there to secure the employee and decrease the tragic consequences that a workplace injury could put a worker through. Workman’s comp insurance can help restore an employee’s lost wages, pay their medical bills and, in some cases, provide an allowance for the dependent and their family.

Unfortunately, workman’s comp claims can be denied, or the issued amount might be less than what the employee needs, and in some instances, the employer doesn’t even carry a workers’ compensation policy. This would be grounds for a claim against a fund that is maintained by the state known as the Uninsured Employers Fund. However, filing an application for workers’ compensation against an insurance company or the Uninsured Employers Fund is a very difficult process because of all the legalese, paperwork and timeframes that are involved. This can be a very frustrating and time-consuming endeavor for a worker who is taking on this task alone and the payout they receive ends up being a lot less than what is necessary.

The Importance of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Ultimately, when you boil it down, it’s in the best interest of the insurance company to try and pay the least amount since they are a business. Insurance companies have their own legal counsel that knows how to orchestrate the situation to their advantage. There’s no need to pay for expensive medical bills out-of-pocket when there are resources out there for you. Here at Daniel S. Draper, SC, our workers’ compensation attorneys can take charge of your situation and assist you through each step of the process to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

It truly is a critical step to contact a workers’ compensation attorney when dealing with making a claim. An experienced attorney who understands the law completely knows how to gather any information and documentation in order to give you the best results. Perseverance and knowledge are essential when it comes to large insurance companies, and the attorneys at Daniel S. Draper, SC are ready to do what it takes for you to receive rightful compensation. We know how a denied claim can negatively impact you and your loved one’s lives, and that’s why you’ll get the best representation from us.

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The professional attorneys at the office of Daniel S. Draper, SC possess the knowledge and persistence it takes to get you positive results. We represent clients in the Janesville, WI area, and our office has over 20 years of experience in dealing with workers’ compensation legal services. You’ll have peace of mind when your case is in our hands. If you’ve been on the job, you might qualify for workman’s comp, and if you’re having difficulties making a claim, then don’t hesitate to give our office a call at 262-248-6636 to schedule a free consultation.

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