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As a general law practice, the office of Bodlaw can handle any legal issues that you have. Through our tenure in the Paddock Lake area, we have amassed a wealth of experience that enables our attorneys to practice in most fields of the law. When you are facing a pressing legal issue or need assistance understanding your rights, rely on us.

Unless you are a lawyer or have extensive experience in the United State’s courts, it is safe to say that our legal system is confusing. Navigating the courts is a daunting process that will quickly overwhelm even the most seasoned client. That is why having an attorney on your side is critical for a positive outcome for you. Attorneys do much more than take cases to court. At the firm of Bodlaw our primary goal is to avoid court if at all possible and provide you with sound legal guidance that allows the best outcome possible for all parties involved. Trusting an experienced attorney is your best way to fully understand your options and have your choices recognized by the courts.

The firm of Bodlaw is eager to work for you. Our services cover several aspects of the law. We understand that when you know what options are available to you, it will alleviate the stress and worry that is typically associated with any legal problem.

Areas of the Law We Practice

With a general practice firm, there are not many matters we cannot handle for you. Our scope of services we practice in Paddock Lake is designed to help you regardless of what you’re going through. Rather than focus on only one area of law, we specialize in all of it.

Social Security

When you or a loved one is unable to work in the state of Wisconsin due to a disability, the government offers SSDI and SSI benefits that will supplement or replace lost income. The program accepts mental and physical disabilities, but the person involved mays first qualify for the benefits. The office of Bodlaw has highly trained social security disability attorneys on staff ready to assist with your case.

From explaining your rights to filing motions and petitions, we can improve your chance of approval.

Worker’s Comp

There are many industries in Paddock Lake where workers are put at risk to complete their jobs. Because of the nature of their career, employees sustain a myriad of work-related injuries for which the company is liable. It’s at times like these that understanding your rights is crucial. The attorneys with Bodlaw are here to help. Whether it is explaining your rights or options after sustaining an injury while performing your job-tasks to filling claims or full trial proceedings, you can rely on our attorneys.


After a person has passed away their belongings and property enter into probate. Probate proceedings involve several essential deadlines and confusing paperwork. Staying on top of this process takes the legal expertise and qualifications an attorney possesses. If you are facing probate now due to a family member’s passing, or you are trying to avoid entering into probate, our firm can help.

Estate Planning

Attorneys understand how hard you have worked to ensure a sound financial future for you and your family. Securing that future for years to come need not to be a difficult task with the firm of  . Bodlaw, SC working for you. Putting wills and trusts into activity is an excellent way to secure your assets and property while preventing probate and disagreements after your passing. Trust the estate planning attorneys at Bodlaw to help you navigate the complex world of Wisconsin estate planning.

Contact Our Firm

Having a qualified attorney working for you is something to which you are entitled. At the law office of Bodlaw we offer complimentary consultations before any case we take on. During this process, we discuss the details of your case and compare your desired outcome with what the law will allow. Our experience shows in everything we do. To schedule an appointment in the Paddock Lake, WI area, please call  .

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